A Few Words About Us

Wayfinderpm is a new, smart and rapidly growing property management firm head and shoulders above the rest.
Wayfinderpm was born out of the need to offer high quality service in an industry known for its lethargic and unreliable responses. We are transforming the industry by integrating technology and utilizing an innovative process that ensures the the quickest response and turnaround times.

Wayfinderpm is a full service property management/maintenance company offering a comprehensive range of services that cover all aspects of building management and maintenance.

Why Choose Us

Wayfinderpm is a new type of property management firm, not tied to tradition and methodologies of the past. We approach the industry with a unique perspective in the industry, that is, the client comes first and our mission is to be responsive and follow up.
Most property management companies make all sort of promises, they claim they are the fastest, the best, the most efficient, the best managed, the most responsive etc. however when it comes to where the rubber meets the road, they all disappoint. Many of these companies rely on the old-fashioned way of doing business.

Traditionally in property management firms, staff, accounting and maintenance have always operated in a separate and disjointed manner. The overall impression of the industry has always been that of a group of bunglers.

Wayfinderpm was created purposefully to transform the industry, that is to fill the void of incompetence and promises never met. Adam Jernow, principal of Wayfinderpm realized that there was a vacuum in not only the quality of service that property management firms offered but also that the entire industry was deeply antiquated from the ground up.

From the start, Wayfinderpm began as a company dedicated to integrating technology with an innovative process to more efficiently allow a flow of communication to all necessary parties "just in time" to carry out our clients needs.

Some of the Building's we Manage