Available Services

Wayfinderpm is a full service property management company that maximizes the value of your property by proper maintenance and responsive follow-up.

We understand that when you need assistance, you need it now, not later! Wayfinderpm was founded on the premise to be the most responsive property management company in the industry.

We do that by incorporating an innovative communications system that automatically sends your requests to both management and staff, the system prompts us for:

Services Overview

Property management can seem like a mess. It doesn’t have to though. When handled properly, buildings are tuned up for the seasons before the weather arrives, tenants pay on-time, dog walkers respect residents, and leaks are dealt with before they wreak havoc three floors below… even on the weekends. Good managers do all of those and plan your budget, capital expenditure plans, and increase the revenues from your building utilizing assets you may not even be aware of.

Specialized Services

We have experience managing buildings under the purview of the loft board, IMD (interim multiple dwelling) buildings, resolving rent stabilized tenants situations, IMD condos, obtaining letters of no objection, expediting final certificates of occupancy for condo boards, curing buildings with mold problems, managing the turnover of control from sponsor to board.

Even stably run buildings frequently could be more energy and water efficient. We work with Con Ed, energy suppliers, NYSERDA, the DEP (Department of Environmental Protect, NYC’s water supplier), to win back your building’s dollars- increasing the money that you keep each month, quarter and year.

Our clients’ property tax assessment is challenged each year, routinely reducing their liability, putting more money back in their pockets.